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Mar 29, 2015

In this week's episode, Mike goes off on the Belleville Bulls move to Hamilton - earmuffs kids.  

Jaromir Jagr hopes to play until he is 50. 

The Hockey Hall of Fame bends over backwards to get Chris Pronger in, which is just stupid. 

The NHL is moving forward with 3 on 3 overtime. Can't we just have ties? 

We analyze...

Mar 14, 2015

In this episdode, Pete talks all the latest with Thomas and Matthew from the whyhockey periodical podcast. With Mike on a Cruise Thomas and Matthew fill his shoes.  San Jose's War of Words, Leaf's and Khadri, The Habs are better off without Michel Terrien and the positive growth of the Florida Panthers.


Mar 9, 2015

On ScuttlePuck this week, Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs turns on the media in a brilliant display of trolling.  

Carey Price continues to dominate and we consider whether this is the best season ever. Will it be enough for the Montreal Canadiens to succeed in the playoffs. 

Western Conference playoff battle...

Mar 1, 2015

Lots of pre-trade deadline talk in this episode of ScuttlePuck.  The National Hockey League trade market really got kickstarted with some big moves.  Not the least of which saw David Clarkson of the Toronto Maple Leafs and his "unmoveable contract" moved to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Nathan Horton and his ailing...