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May 3, 2015

Round 1 of the NHL playoffs is done and Round 2 has just begun. Mike and Pete make predictions for round 2.

Was the Kronwall hit suspension worthy? Is the different standard for officiating in the playoffs good or bad for the game?

Ovechkin is awesome and Mike actually likes it. Holtby vs Lundqvist will be a great matchup.

Will the Ducks roll over the Flames, or does Hartley's team have more tricks up their sleeves?

Will the Blackhawks keep on rolling or will the Wild bounce back?

Is Carey Price good enough to carry the Habs to victory over the Lightning.  

Pete and Mike give you all the answers this week. 

Oh, and Mike watched Erie play Sault Ste Marie and he gushes over what he saw! 

McDavid, Nurse.  Yes, the future is bright for the Oilers