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Jan 19, 2020

The Battle of Alberta is back in full swing as Zack Kassian gets suspended and is glad "big boy" hockey is back! The Vegas Golden Knights fire Gerrard Gallant is a strange move. And the Atlantic and Pacific divisional battles are impossibly tight. 

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  • Banter: Dale has a sore back
  • Check out @PuckDuty
  • Title Player Pavol Demitra
  • Feedback - 
  • Gerrard Gallant fired by Vegas in favour of Peter DeBoer and we aren't sure why
  • Ray Shero fired in NJ. Another odd firing.
  • Department of Player Safety is taking some heat from the players
  • Team of the Week - Winnipeg Jets. Not good numbers, but holding on based on some great goaltending.
  • Is drawing penalties an important skill?
  • Should the Leafs and Oilers make a trade?
  • Leafs update -Do the Leafs have a goaltending problem?
  • Oilers update -Oilers are heating up but Pacific is so tight, they are just holding position. What will the Zack Kassian contract look like? Oilers fans are worried. 
  • Hot / Not - Tampa Bay and Columbus are both hot but doing it entirely differently
  • Rathole

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers Song: Yertle the Turtle