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Episode Matt Stajan (413): Team of the Week: New York Islanders

Jan 29, 2023

As the bye weeks start leading up to the All Star game, the Oilers are running hot and the Leafs are without Auston Matthews for at least 3 weeks. Lots of teams seem to be on a mission to get Connor Bedard but Gary Bettman says nobody tanks....hmm

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Jan 22, 2023

The Vancouver Canucks organization treated coach Bruce Boudreau incredibly poorly and their fans did their best to make up for it.  As the trade deadline approaches, some big names will be available. The Oilers have a 6 game winning streak going and their schedule looks favourable for the next little while. 


Jan 15, 2023

The Buffalo Sabres continue to improve and have entered the conversation for the 2023 playoffs. Will they make it? Voting has started for the All Star game. A 14 year old from Slovakia has dominated the U18 Women's World Championships. 

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Jan 9, 2023

Canada takes gold at the World Junior as Connor Bedard justifies the hype. We're back from Vegas and not everything has to stay in Vegas. 

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  • Banter - Vegas

    Title Player Phil Watson

    Phil Watson -> 40-41 Rangers Bryan Hextall -> Grandfather Ron...