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Jun 8, 2019

The St.Louis Blues bounced back with two straight wins and are on the verge of winning their first Stanley Cup. Will they close the deal? If so, who will be Conn Smythe winner?  Only two weeks to the draft and there is lots of trade speculation going on. The refs botched another one - is there a solution?

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  • Banter -Finally some beautiful weather in Ontario
  • 5th Anniversary stuff
  • Puljujarvi back in the news as Bob McKenzie says he wants out
  • Taylor Hall in no rush to sign in New Jersey
  • Erik Karlsson back to Ottawa?
  • Blues up 3-1 and there are lots of stories
  • Conn Smythe?
  • Bouwmeester, Maroon, Binnington
  • Is talk of offer-sheets just talk or is there something to it this year?
  • Rathole  - 

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Tragically Hip Song: On the Verge